What should I include in my cover note?

Written on: 4 October 2018
Written by:Freya King

If you’re interested in applying for one of our vacancies, you may have noticed that part of the application process includes submitting a cover note. Don’t worry if you’ve never come across this before, this guide will clarify everything you need to know on writing a cover note for an apprenticeship.

What is a cover note?

A cover note is a way to briefly introduce yourself and your skills to an employer. It should support and compliment your CV, highlighting the skills that would be beneficial in the role that you are applying for.

Taking the time to write out a separate note instead of including your CV alone is a simple but effective way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position.

Where should I start?

Before writing your cover note, take a good look at the job description. You should be able to pick out key phrases that describe traits that the ideal candidate will have. Try to refer back to these when writing your cover note.

What should I include?

Mention any relevant skills that you may have, and how you can bring these to the table.

If you want to take your cover note to the next level, you could mention what interested you about the position and why you want to work for the company.

How long should it be?

Don’t feel like you have to include everything on this list. Your cover note should be short, sweet, and to the point. Try to limit the cover note to one quality paragraph rather than a long-winded letter, as you should ideally leave the reader wanting to know more about you.

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Written on: 4 October 2018
Written by:Freya King