What kind of work environment is right for you?

Written on: 9 April 2019
Written by:Chloe.Adamson

There are many different kinds of environments within a workplace and when applying for an apprenticeship, you can decide which is best for you by judging your own personality and seeing how comfortable you feel within certain environments.

Your work environment has a significant effect on motivation, job satisfaction and morale. A working environment consists of the location, culture and opportunities, just to name the important few.  We believe that people with the same kind of personalities and interested tend to enjoy working together.

When your work environment compliments your personality, you will start to act and feel more effective. Here are the top few work environments which you should consider.


This environment suits the more competitive people who are wanting to sell the best and have the highest status. If your personality is ambitious, energetic and you are self-confident then this environment would be a perfect fit. This fits mainly with roles within Marketing and Sales.


Some may prefer to be in a more rule-regulated environment and like knowing that their day is orderly and precise. The perfect personality to fit this work environment would be someone who is efficient, practical and inflexible. This would fit with an accountant or editors job role.


Everyone loves being social but some may not be able to concentrate and be productive in this kind of environment. If you believe you are a helpful, friendly and an understanding person, who likes to help and develop others then this seems like the top environment for you to fit into. Roles such as doctor, teacher or counsellor fit directly into this environment.


If you find yourself wanting to know all of the theory and information behind everything and always organising and understanding data, then an investigative environment sounds right. Professions such as a, developer or coder would fit into this environment.

Of course all work environments are different and not every role which you go into might fit directly into one stated above. However, if you love your job and the people which you work with, then you will never have to work a day in your life.

Written on: 9 April 2019
Written by:Chloe.Adamson