How to be a manager for the first time

Written on: 17 January 2019
Written by:Bethany Lowdon

Being a first time manager can be an exciting yet challenging time. With it comes new opportunities and responsibilities as you begin to manage a team of your own.

Everyone has to start somewhere. By following these tips you’ll be able to improve your leadership qualities and skills.

Grow your knowledge

You should always be aiming to grow your knowledge and expertise to become a thought leader in the area you work in. Even as a manager, you should always be looking to better yourself and improve your abilities. This will also help your team as you’ll be able to pass on your knowledge.


Communication is key when you are managing a team. Effective communication will allow you to delegate tasks, build relationships and get the best out of your team. Being open with communication will also make you more approachable if anyone has any issues or concerns.

Offer support

When becoming a manager, you will not only be expected to direct the team, but you will also be required to offer support. This can include problem solving and passing on skills and experience to your team. This will allow them to learn, grow and succeed.


Even though you are in charge, you should be just as involved in teamwork! Everyone should be working towards a common goal to reach team objectives. Celebrating each other’s wins will boost team morale and make your employees feel valued.

Lead by example

Display the attitude and behaviours you’d like to see mirrored in your team. Inspire others and be an influential figure. Leading by example will set expectations for other employees, such as meeting deadlines, remaining professional and going above and beyond in your day-to-day duties.

Written on: 17 January 2019
Written by:Bethany Lowdon