Apprentice of the Month - March

Written on: 13 April 2018
Written by:Shae Dickman

Congratulations to Aiden Mills from Apollo Medical Software Solutions for his continued hard work! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

As Aiden's line manager within Apollo Medical, I have mentored Aiden now for almost 3 years and he is at the closing stages of his apprenticeship.

Aiden is a mature, diligent, intuitive young man who has worked in a hectic, progressive working environment now with support technicians sometimes 3 times his age, doing exactly the same job.  I cannot recommend Aiden enough for this award and I have nominated him twice before for the monthly award due to the excellence he strives for.

Apollo Medical interact daily with Clinical Commissioning Groups throughout the UK and Ireland and Aiden has my complete trust to spearhead our Northern Ireland customers which spans over 300 GP practices for Apollo software installation, software troubleshooting, customer calls/emails, server issues and a huge range of other technical issues.

Aiden not only has the complete trust of Apollo Medical Management and Project Managers, but also our Northern Ireland third parties including EMIS, CCG Management and BSO [Business Service Organisation] - all top level Management levels from the NHS sector.  Aiden interacts on tele-conferences with high level management, speaks and assists highly qualified support technicians from the UK and Ireland and has a level of technical expertise on par with technicians much older than himself.

Aiden has a fantastic future within the technical arena and within Apollo Medical going forward.  He has the respect of not only myself, but also Apollo Management, colleagues and customers.  Aiden is a fantastic example and advertisement for Baltic Training and has spurred Apollo to take on additional apprentices.  A great role model to other youngsters thinking of going down the apprentice route.  I cannot stress enough the amount of interaction he has with highly respected top level management and his contribution not only to his department but the company.


Kevin Barker 

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!

Christine joined security with a limited technical background.  Her vision and drive to accomplish her goals are second to none.

The Apprenticeship has supported her work, providing her with structure, quality learning, and mentorship which has helped her realise her full potential.

The excellent results have been impressive, particularly as she has had to work much harder than others to obtain them.  This is only part of her achievement, however, on a daily basis she not only employs the learning, and she has shared her journey with the wider team.

We work for a demanding and high-profile client. With an ever-increasing workload, we have had to ramp up at pace.  Christine’s apprenticeship has given her valuable insight into key skills as well as the structure and relevancy of delivery services.  She has applied this learning with passion, playing a huge part in the effective design and delivery of our account induction training.  This has enhanced the speed in which we can deploy people to the account.

Christine is a great example of personal achievement, demonstrating a team ethic, sharing her learning with her peers and the wider business.

All this, and never without a smile and a kind word!

Nicole Varwell added: I think it may be worth mentioning that English is Christine’s second language. Her English is excellent, but she had to get to grips with some unfamiliar vocabulary as well as learn all the new technical stuff. As if cyber security wasn’t hard enough!

Connor has worked with Serco over the past 18 months, joining us initially as an Advanced Level Apprentice within IT. He has experienced rotations in numerous areas of the IT business and eventually secured a Higher Level Apprenticeship from his hard work and efforts whilst successfully completing the “Infrastructure Technician”. Since joining Serco’s Applications team, Connor has adapted well to the environment and consistently given his all. He has been recognised internally on a number of occasions for his commitment, drive and determination to do well, which has in turn driven the service of the team forward and allowed Connor’s peers to support him to work independently and complete tasks to a high standard.

Connor has achieved double distinctions from his first two Baltic Assignments, receiving Full Marks with no areas for improvement. A fantastic achievement and something as a business we are very proud of. We are looking forward to supporting Connors Apprenticeship journey and developments within Serco.

Well Done Connor, Keep up the Good Work!!

Comment from our IT Director:

“I liaise frequently with many IT colleagues across the business, and having been with Serco since 2001 (for the most part) I have to acknowledge that this was one of the easiest IT tickets that have been resolved for me, both in terms of timescale and interaction. A hearty well done to Connor.”

I would like to nominate Charlie Maskell from Cortex Ltd.

His outstanding work and persistence with both internal infrastructure issues and external customer issues have made him an incredible asset to the team. He always puts 100% into his work and his committed to delivering the best experience for our customers.

In particular, Charlie's persistence helped him solve a long-running infrastructure issue that hindered the work of many of our colleagues. He solved the issue with little intervention and provided the final solution.

He also made a huge difference to our internal processes, developing an automated system to onboard new starters, from the offer request right through the starting on their first day. This has greatly reduced both the time required for to onboard someone and the number of errors and issues that arise during an onboarding process.

Charlie is always on time for work, arriving normally an hour early, and will put in all is effort throughout the day. On top doing his day-to-day work, he is always keen to learn more, always asking questions about how things work, and researching topics where knowledge is lacking. He will then deliver that knowledge to the team.

Finally, Charlie is an amazing member of the team, very sociable and easy to get one with. He is never grumpy, always putting on a smile, even when times are tough.

Thank you, Charlie!

Macauley has recently been chosen as Learner of the week, following his Part 2: Principles of Online and Offline Marketing Theory. This is a great reward for the hard work and commitment he has put into the course over the last 2 months. His understanding and gained knowledge in these few weeks has put him on course to become an invaluable member of our team. Already he has implemented strategies for our social media platforms and is fast becoming the ‘go to’ member of staff for digital marketing. He regularly updates senior managers, informs and advises them on best practice and puts forward ideas on how we as a company can achieve better results. As a fully working project, he has recently designed and created an online competition, as part of this procedure he has used our digital marketing contacts with our parent company to make sure the competition will run smoothly and effectively. He is always researching, investigating and learning the available software to use to the best advantage, so we can make an impact and get our message across. We are in an unusual position, as a design and marketing studio we look after 5 separate companies and coming to terms with the diversity of product we sell is a challenge, using digital marketing going forward is an exciting medium and Macauley will be helping in no small measure to grasp any opportunities it will present.

Since joining Sir John Nelthorpe School in July 2016 to undertake his Level 3 apprenticeship, we knew we had taken on someone with star qualities. Jono’s willingness to learn and help with anything and everything made him a well-respected and valued member of the school community in a very short time. Jono completed and passed his level 3 IT apprenticeship in July 2017 with flying colours and has gone on to continue with his level 4 apprenticeship which he started in September. I can honestly say that Jono has transformed our school IT department by incorporating the skills and knowledge he has gained from his Baltic apprentice training. Jono consistently achieves distinctions and star learner awards from the Baltic Training team and the depth of knowledge and understanding of what he has learnt shows when he transfers his new skills and puts them into practice in the workplace. We honestly could not be without him now, he is very much the ‘go-to’ IT support guy and always has a smile on his face and a ‘can-do’ attitude. He approaches everything he does with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and always deals with issues in a timely and proficient manner. The headteacher and the rest of the senior leadership team at the school all hold Jono in very high regard and regularly praises him and the work he does, quite an achievement for an 18-year-old! Jono thoroughly deserves not only the nomination for Apprentice of the Month but most definitely to win the award as he goes from strength to strength with his depth of knowledge and understanding. Jono always goes the extra mile in everything he does and all at Sir John Nelthorpe School wanted to do the same for him with our nomination! Good luck Jono and a massive thank you from us all for your relentless hard work! We appreciate everything you do for us every day!

Scott is in the 2nd year of his apprenticeship and is clearly relishing the opportunity to become a Field Service Engineer on a full-time basis. Scott has shown great attitude and awareness in his role assisting his colleagues and his Line manager in recent weeks. SCC engaged in a Nationwide project for SIS (Satellite Information Services) which consisted of installing new decoders in preparation for an April 1st Launch of a new SIS Channel to be broadcast in ALL Independent Bookmakers shops in the UK.

This project task would normally be assigned to an experienced AV Engineer but I (Rob Finlay Scott’s Line manager) decided to assign the tasks to Scott alone as an individual project so we could provide the client with some continuity by using one engineer to complete all installs. I visited 3 shops with Scott to pass on my knowledge of what was required for the specific task, and also view first hand Scott’s aptitude for the task involved. I was very pleased by Scott’s willingness to learn and his professional attitude to the task, the tasks were not straightforward and we came across various challenges which we needed to overcome before we could install the new decoders but with Scott’s assistance, we managed to complete the 3 installs we visited. Scott has continued to do the Installs without the need for any further input which is very positive as these installs have proved very challenging for even experienced AV engineers in the UK in other areas. I would say Scott has put his more experienced colleagues to shame by working through the issues encountered. For this reason, I would like to Nominate Scott for Apprentice for the Month award for March.

Written on: 13 April 2018
Written by:Shae Dickman