Training for Infrastructure Technicians

Written on: 4 September 2018
Written by:Amanda McCombie

Offering training and development opportunities to existing staff can significantly boost morale and make them feel even more valued.  Plus it makes business sense to retain strong staff, so why not develop talent from within your own company?

Due to the amount of government funding available to businesses for staff development and training, apprenticeships are a viable, effective and very cost effective way to train your team. If this isn’t something you have considered in the past, why not?

Can you really afford to lose out on funding you are entitled to and develop your staff into stronger, more skilled employees?

At Baltic, we offer many different apprenticeship courses that can benefit all areas of business, from a network engineer to a software tester, and all that comes in between. Making the most of the staff you have, focusing their knowledge and developing new skills can help keep you ahead of the game, and in the long term make you a stronger business altogether.

One of these courses is our Infrastructure Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard.

What is an Infrastructure Technician?

An Infrastructure Technician provides support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive when using technology to do their own jobs, by using tools to problem solve and troubleshoot non routine problems. The Infrastructure Technician sets people up on systems and provides support when they need it, rectifying issues to maintain the organisations productivity.

Sound Familiar? If you have an internal IT department, you will have people doing this job on a daily basis. This programme is a fantastic way to enhance their knowledge and make sure they are well versed in the latest developments and techniques needed to keep your business connected and online.

Our Infrastructure Technician level 3 course is ideal training for your existing team as it takes the knowledge and skills they already have, and supercharges it, giving them the tools needed to work with the latest technologies and implement the latest in best practice.

This is also a great option for any self-taught technicians you may have in your business. Experience is worth a lot, and this programme takes their existing knowledge and experience, hones and fine tunes it, and gives them a qualification worthy of their skills.

Whether you’re ready to train your team in the latest technologies or just wanting to find out more about how apprenticeships could benefit your existing staff, get in touch! We are more than happy to talk you through the process today.

Written on: 4 September 2018
Written by:Amanda McCombie