National Customer Service Week

Written on: 2 October 2017
Written by:Baltic

Today marks the start of National Customer Service Week!

National Customer Service Week is an event held worldwide to recognise the importance of customer service. This week, we get to celebrate what makes Baltic so fantastic; you, and our team!

The official theme of this week is: Building Trust!

Trust is so important to great customer service, that’s why we work so closely with businesses, and our apprentices, to provide them with a fantastic experience. At Baltic, we’re always looking to improve our service. In fact, our recently developed industry specific programmes were designed following feedback from our customers. We continually welcome customer feedback throughout our programmes, and we use it to better our performance; you can see changes we’ve made to our training on our ‘You Said, We Did’ page.

We care about our customers.

Hiring an apprentice can seem like a daunting process. Employers wonder, “What’s the cost and what’s the catch? Who does what, and when? And how much of our time will it take up?” For apprentices, starting work is an even bigger challenge. New rules, new schedules, new people; it’s a journey into a strange and unfamiliar territory.

Even the boldest will need a few words of reassurance. So, here’s two you can rely on: We care.

Two simple words that make a world of difference. Not just to our apprentices and employers, but to the way we operate, and to who we are. We know change isn’t easy, that’s why we are with you, every step of the way.

We make people feel important, because we handle them with care. That’s why we’re celebrating National Customer Service Week. We’ll be following the NCSW themes each day so we can showcase what customer service means to Baltic!

The themes each day are as follows:

Monday: The voice of the customer

Tuesday: Rise to the challenge

Wednesday: Getting the Board on Board

Thursday: Unlock YOUR Potential

Friday: Recognition

Our staff aren’t just dependable, they are heroic. They are ready to respond and always there when they’re needed. At different parts of the journey, our staff play different roles. They are guides, guardians, advisors and even rescuers.

We hope you’ll all join us throughout the week!

Written on: 2 October 2017
Written by:Baltic