What training is right for my career?

Written on: 10 May 2018
Written by:Baltic

Continued Professional Development is hugely important for career growth but, what are the options when it comes to training?

Finding relevant, affordable, and accessible training can be challenging: it’s hard to know which courses are the best choice. It’s important to decide what you want to accomplish through training, whether you wish to gain a recognised professional qualification in your current area or expand your skillset in another subject.

Once you’ve decided which type of training you’d like, you can start searching for courses related to your area of study. These may be commercial courses, apprenticeships, or even internal company training days. You need a course that will provide valuable benefits to your existing knowledge and will advance your technical skills.

For example, someone working as a Junior Programmer may want to expand their knowledge of other aspects relating to software development by training in software testing: as they already have the existing knowledge of programming, investing in another aspect of training could be beneficial to their development.

You must also consider the cost of training: your employer will usually help with this, but finding out what they are expected to pay, and any funding support available is useful to support your training. Lack of funding may restrict what courses you can enrol on, which is why ensuring you have all the information before bringing it forward to your manager is important. An apprenticeship can be covered for up to 90% of funding in most cases, and the remaining cost is paid directly by the employer: apprenticeships are a very cost-effective means of training whilst providing recognised qualifications.

Now you’ve found your training course, and determined it is affordable, it’s time to think about travel. Your training course needs to be accessible to you, within a reasonable distance so you don’t spend the entire day travelling or have to pay out for accommodation which can drive up the overall cost. Finding a local training centre is restrictive to finding relevant courses due to logistical implications, as well as cost: that’s why analysing all training delivery methods is another key step.

Our training is conducted using a virtual classroom, Online Live, which blends lectures, hands-on practice and instructor led interaction to create the most stimulating and effective learning environment possible. Online Live removes the financial and logistical complications of travel by turning the world into your classroom and having everything available online.

The introduction of Apprenticeship Standards has made apprenticeships an advantageous route to continue your professional development by introducing more specialised courses. Apprenticeships provide the building blocks people needs to develop the skills and training they need to build a successful career.

If you’re looking to use an apprenticeship to upgrade your existing skillset, you can view our programmes here, and get in touch with us today.

Written on: 10 May 2018
Written by:Baltic