Social media as a career

Written on: 7 August 2018
Written by:Freya King

We’ve all heard the stories that young people are addicted to social media. Many have criticised the constant need to scroll, tweet and ‘gram, writing it off as a distraction from the real world. But what we don’t hear about is the skills that are being developed along the way.

Digital marketing is a job role that is constantly evolving, and as social media is a relatively new marketing tool, it makes sense that the generation that have grown up around tech are the ones taking the lead.

You may already have more skills than you think.

If you’re an Instagram addict, you could have an excellent eye for detail. Taking aesthetically pleasing photos and spending time choosing the perfect filter shows creativity and attention to detail. Photo editing and visual skills are highly sought after in marketing roles.

If you love keeping your friends and family updated about what you’ve been up to through Facebook, you could be great at managing corporate social media accounts. The ability to think of interesting and informative posts is a digital marketer’s bread and butter.

Similarly, if you’re a keen tweeter and enjoy joining in the conversation, you may have a knack for live interaction over social media. Being quick off the mark with your witty comments and observations isn’t easy, but it’s something that all companies with a social media presence aspire to.

An increasing number of young people also run their own personal blogs about topics that interest them, such as fashion, sports or music. This demonstrates skills like research, creative writing and often coding and website design, all of which can be incredibly useful in a digital marketing role.

Deciding what you want to do as a job can be a daunting task, but considering a career in something you enjoy is a good place to start. If you’ve ever found yourself spending a lot of time on social media, why not channel this into something productive?

Apprenticeships enable you to build on your existing skills and transfer them into the real-world experience needed to start your career.

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Written on: 7 August 2018
Written by:Freya King