You could be earning £10k more a year with Tech Skills

Written on: 13 February 2018
Written by:Baltic

People with technology skills take home, on average, £10,000 more per year than competent users according to a recent report made by BT researchers, and Accenture. The growing need for digital skills is resulting in greater financial benefits, and these salaries are expected to increase in the future.

Those without digital skills risk becoming unemployable, or earning significantly less than their digitally skilled peers.

The UK is seeing the emergence of digital natives, i.e. people who have grown up with technology, entering the workforce for the first time. These workers are uniquely equipped to face the challenges of the fast-moving tech industry due to their technological competency. In fact, almost three quarters of young people rate themselves as confident users of tech or above, showing that they are already ahead of the average level of competency, even at entry level.

Young people are at a distinct advantage by having strong foundations to build advanced technological knowledge.

But, what can you expect to earn in a tech role?

Currently, the average salary for a digital role in the UK is advertised at £51,000, which is 44% higher than the national average salary. There are significantly more opportunities for people with more tech skills, with salary projections for those who are either ‘creative’ or ‘expert’ level being 20% higher than those who are merely competent according to the report.

The demand for digital skills is continuing to grow, with 66% of people agreeing that digital skills will be increasingly important to carry out their jobs, and a further 70% predicting that having these skills will open future job opportunities.

However, despite this, 40% of respondents still believed that digitally skilled jobs consisted of sitting in front of a computer screen. This is far from reality, as technology has become a huge component in practically every industry.

A job in the technology industry is so much more than sitting in front of a computer screen: it’s about communicating with people, and using technology to transform industries for the better. Some jobs in the industry are more technical than others, but every programme we offer leads to a different career path that can meet your individual needs.

For example, a Digital Marketer role will involve interacting with clients on a computer screen, but it’s not about isolation: it’s all about communication. You may be communicating with a customer on social media, writing a blog post, planning a strategy for a future campaign in a meeting room, or even taking part in an event within your job role.

Don’t let what your perceptions of what a tech role looks like hold you back from starting the career of a lifetime. Be like Katy Foxford, whose opinion on what a tech job looks like completely changed after starting her apprenticeship in our apprentice case study.

If you’re feeling inspired to find out how a tech role could benefit your future career, please visit our programmes or check out our live vacancies.


Written on: 13 February 2018
Written by:Baltic