Apprentice of the Year Winner 2018

Written on: 9 March 2018
Written by:Baltic

Congratulations to Jack McNichol from Churchill Community College for winning our Apprentice of the Year 2018 award for his continued hard work! He will be receiving £100 in high street vouchers.

Jack is an exceptional young man and has been a valued member of staff at Churchill Community College since early in 2016. During this time with us Jack has developed his skills on the job on a daily basis and is now considered to be a valued member of staff within the establishment.



As part of Jacks role he has helped develop our 1:1 mobile device technology. Some of the tasks which he does on a daily basis are:

  • ​Run the Mobile Device Management software. Installing profiles, edit user names, whitelisting and blacklisting sites.
  • Repairing Apple Mobile devices including fixing smashed screens, securing broken charging ports, installing new software to allow the devices to run more efficiently.

Jack has also assisted with online examinations ensuring the exam software works correctly allowing our students to accessing the teaching sessions in order to complete their examinations.



In the background Jack has be a constant support across the college. In October 2016 we lost our Network Technician and for several weeks and Jack solely ran our college network including dealing with a total internet access outage. This was not expected to happen and Jack had yet to do much training on situations where that would be the outcome yet he still managed to fix it and enable the full college to get online.



On a personal basis I have been in my role for the last 13 years and technology is developing so fast these days. At Churchill Community College we have implemented so much new technology and to have Jack by my side I feel more confident that we can deliver Professional Development Training to our staff of nearly 150 to enable them to keep abreast of the technology and deliver this to their students.

​I urge you to consider Jack for the Baltic Apprentice of the Year, we really would be lost without him.

Leanne Gosling


So I thought rather than just my views I’d ask others across the college what their views on Jack were. I sent an email to select staff after college closed Friday night. All have replied during the weekend when they’re not working just to give their opinion on him. Please find all these below. If you could add them to his nomination that would be fab!

Assistant Teacher and Network Manager:

Jack has been a huge asset since joining the college - he gets things done, sees problems but then solutions and works tirelessly t ensure that everything works as it should. He has a kind, open, manner. This is vital when explaining technical aspects to staff who aren't very technical or who really need a piece of hardware to work.
Jack has grown in confidence over his time with us and actively involves himself in college life. He has formed strong relationships with both staff and students. Jack goes over and above his job role on a daily basis and has offered no end of support and guidance to me.

Head of ICT, Computing and business studies:

Jack has been a fantastic addition to the college. He is always willing to support in any way he can and goes above and beyond in everything he is asked to do. What is particularly useful is Jack seems to appreciate the urgency in fixing issues in teaching and will often drop what he is doing to support teachers to ensure students don't suffer and that problems are fixed immediately if possible. He is well liked by both staff and students and he is an absolute asset to both the college and the ICT department. He runs a lunch club for students and he has built fantastic relationships with them. His manner with staff is professional and mature beyond his years.

Senior ICT technician:

Jack is a valued and trusted member of the school support team. He operates at a level well above what is expected of an apprentice and has excellent technical knowledge. He interacts well with both staff and students and is respected by both.

He has volunteered to take on extra responsibility and managed a number of minor projects throughout the school, sometimes staying after work and out of hours to complete tasks.

He is an asset to the school and a credit to himself.

Attendance Manager:

Jack is one of the most helpful members of staff I have ever encountered. Nothing is ever a problem and he is with you within minutes of asking for help. If he cannot help you straight away (which is rare) he will get back to you as soon as he can and has found out how to help. He is a great guy, always has a smile! He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages:

Jack is someone who always puts the learning of the students first. No matter how big or small the issue he is there to make sure that it doesn’t interrupt learning and makes the lives of teachers like me much easier.

Key Stage 5 progress tutor:

Jack has supported myself and students in Sixth Form above and beyond his role.
Especially when his expertise is needed rather urgently.

Since first starting his Apprenticeship at Churchill, Jack has really matured and flourished and this is evident in the way he professionally presents himself.

Head of humanities:

Jack has saved my life a few times!

Jack is always so willing to help out when I have any technical issue. He has tolerated my ridiculous questions which show my total lack of knowledge and understanding of anything IT related and he is always there to solve the simplest of issues when he probably has many other more important things to do. I lost everything from my hard drive a few months ago and Jack recovered it for me....I was ready to run for the hills I was so stressed and Jack saved the day. He has rescued work for me, solved department issues with hardware and software and he always drops what he is doing to come to the rescue. He is usually my first stop if I have a problem and I know I can always rely on him. I totally trust Jack and if he tells me it is safe to do something I listen. We all owe him a massive thank you!

Head of PE:

Jack is a great young lad. Biggest compliment I can pay him is when you need anything he does it BUT I will go back nearly a year. While staff were changing roles he coped well and supported every member of staff to the best of his ability.

Head of Reprographics and Publicity:

Jack has on numerous occasions been the answer to my prayers whenever I’ve had technical problems. No problem has ever stopped him even if he didn’t know the answer, he makes sure he researches the problem to ensure he can solve your issue. Jack is always polite and a delight to work with, and always goes out of his way to help at a minutes notice.

Key Stage 4 Progress Tutor:

Jack McNichol is a conscientious, diligent and helpful young man who (every single time) has professionally and courteously addressed whatever ICT issue has arisen. He shows great patience with both staff and students alike and explains and suggests how to solve technical problems with patience and in a respectful manner that is appropriate to whatever skill level the person in front of him possesses. He is always polite and well-mannered when entering a classroom or office and most importantly of all the issue is always fixed promptly and efficiently. Jack has settled well into the College and is a popular, approachable member of staff. He has excellent relationships with the students and always takes time out of day to talk and interact with them. His work ethic is fantastic, he always offers to resolve any issues either immediately or gives a very realistic time scale when he can come to help. He also assists with staffing issues at lunchtime where he supervises a group of students in an ICT classroom, this time allows students the opportunity to either socialise with their peers or complete any home learning tasks they may have.

I would like to nominate Jack McNichol in the Apprentice of the year category as he truly is well deserving of such an award for the enthusiastic and amazing work he does for our College.

Head of Maths:

Jack has been extremely willing to help the Maths department WHENEVER he is needed. He is often seeing to the issue within minutes of it being logged and often appears straight away to try and fix the problem. When the problem can't be fixed straight away he is excellent at keeping us up to date with it and always sees that the repairs are completed.

It doesn't matter who contacts Jack or what time of the day it is his response is always so helpful and positive. He is an absolute star. The best apprentice the school has had.

Assistant Head teacher and Head of Art:

Jack has been extremely helpful in setting up assemblies in the morning, checking the projector, screen and sound work, he is reliable and positive, nothing is too much bother for him and he does his very best to quickly respond to any technical issues with ICT. Jack always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with.

Exams Officer:

Jack helps me out with computer based exams and whenever there is a problem during the exam he is there without delay. Also if there have been any PC or Printer issues in the office he arrives as soon as he can after he has been contacted.

Learning Coordinator for Year 10:

Jack is one of the most helpful members of staff I have come across. He has put up with me and my constant whining about an app on my ipad. He fixes it , only to have me mess it up again! There have been many occasions when I have asked him to come and look at my computer because something is amiss. He makes sure that he fits me in, and many others, into his busy timetable, and always with a smile.

Learning Coordinator for Year 7:

I am writing in support of Jack McNichol regarding his nomination for Apprentice of the Year Award at Churchill Community College. This support is based upon his work with support staff within the College,

Jack is the most patient and considerate person when dealing with both staff and students, he takes the time to explain the problems and issues that we often face with IT in such a large establishment enabling others to understand more about the difficulties. Jack will support at the drop of a hat prioritising issues that enable the staff to move on with their work efficiently and productively. He never gets flustered and always tries to resolve difficulties with the absolute minimum of fuss. Jack has made a big impact at Churchill College and he deserves recognition for his outstanding efforts in his role as IT apprentice.

Written on: 9 March 2018
Written by:Baltic