10 top tips to stay focused

Written on: 22 November 2018
Written by:Bethany Lowdon

Staying focused can be a task in itself, and sadly, staying focused is not a one size fits all. It can be difficult to stop procrastinating and waiting for the panic to set in until you furiously try and pull something together.

However, making a conscious effort to stay on track with a few simple steps can make a big difference!

  1. Allocate your time

Set out your day, create a to-do-list, schedule your time to complete a task in order of importance. Give yourself plenty of time to get something done (but not too much to avoid procrastination!)

  1. Remove distractions

It is easier now then ever to get distracted, especially with mobile phones and the internet being accessed at the touch of a button. Put your phone on aeroplane mode or completely out of reach and sight. There is nothing more distracting than seeing your phone screen light up out of the corner of your eye. Only use the internet if needed and if it isn’t, turn it off!

  1. Organise your work space

Organising your work space will not only remove distractions and give you a clean space to work, but it will also clear your mind, giving you an area to arrange your workload.  ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind’.

  1. Environment

Start your work in the right environment, for example at your work desk – therefore you’ll have everything you need in a comfortable environment ready to start the task ahead.

  1. Be prepared

Being prepared can help you keep focused solely on the task rather than looking for where your pen has mysteriously vanished to. This could include organising stationary, with a notepad and pen, and any other material you need to start the task. By making sure you are prepared before starting will minimise work-flow distributions ultimately saving time on getting the job done.

  1. Music

Find what works for you. Some people work better with music, some work better in complete silence. If music works for you, create a motivational playlist and get to work! If you perform better in silence, move yourself to a quiet space.

  1. Take a break

Make sure to take small and regular breaks to keep you mind on track. If you’re sitting down for long period of time try to move around, take a little walk and grab a drink to recharge.

  1. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid if you need to ask for help and guidance. Motivational words and guidance from a colleague can keep you working towards your goals. Especially if you need more information to move forward on a task and pointed in the right direction.

  1. Team Work

Working in a team can help you keep focused if everyone is working together to get a job done. You’re more likely to stay on track if the other person is too!

  1. Have a “power hour”

Tell yourself that for the next hour you’re going to get as much work done as possible, a “power hour”. This can be great for focusing your mind on one task and to get yourself back on track, especially if you are feeling a little distracted.  This works particularly well if its coming to the end of the working day with only an hour left!

Written on: 22 November 2018
Written by:Bethany Lowdon